This weekend, we were supposed to get together with my Mom and Step Dad for a cooking weekend – a couple of days when we grab all the most interesting recipes we've found over the past year and try our hand preparing new and glorious meals. Dinners, Breakfasts, fancy desserts. It's a chance to flex some culinary muscle.

Well, we've decided to postpone it for now (although we'll probably still get together for at least one meal). None of us feels like being trapped in the kitchen given that it's supposed to be such a gorgeous long weekend.

Last weekend was my Step Father George's birthday though, and we did wind up having them over for a 4 course meal. The main course was blackened leg of lamb done on the barbecue and, while it was very tasty, it was a little too charred for its own good. It wound up looking pretty bad on the plate, so we refused to take photos. But the other courses all turned out spectacularly well.

The Hors D'oeuvre was a bruschetta with tomato, peach, and herbs. And a yummy little starter it was too!

The salad was a classic – bocconcini, tomato, and basil, but we had a fun idea for presentation, keeping the tomato more or less whole. And it gave a neat view when you cut into it crosswise.

Final course was a shoofly pie – a staple in dutch Pennsylvania. It's a sweet pie – made with molasses – but it's so much more than just sweet, like a sugar pie. It's got some great spices in it, and some really deep flavours. And it goes like gangbusters with vanilla ice cream.   

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  1. Oh yummo! And it all looks so tasty! You guys are so good at this stuff….you should get a job as a freelance photographer for food…seriously.

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