Okay, technically my throat. Still. Never play with hot oil, kiddies.

This evening Junkii & I were trying our hand at Indian cuisine, and got distracted long enough that the few tablespoons of oil heating in the pot started to smoke. I overreacted and quickly pulled the pot off the element.

Too quickly, it turns out. The oil splashed out of the pot and onto my throat.

Yeouch! I let out a scream and headed straight to the shower to immerse my new burns in cold water. 20 minutes later, I called the provincial health line and was advised to go to the emergency room. We got lucky and landed in an ER with no wait time – a rare treat for sure. Still, that was about it for good news. Okay, maybe that's an overreaction.

The doctor said:

  • I have 2nd degree burns, but no 3rd degree burns.
  • Scarring should be minimal, but there will be discoloration of the area for 6 months or so.
  • It will be painful – quite painful – for a week or more.
  • I won't be able to shave the area under my chin for a while and will likely wind up with unsightly neck hair. Ew.

I will likely get to miss a few days of work. The doc said I will be in too much discomfort to go to an office job. Seriously. I'm not looking forward to this pain he keeps referring to. But at least he gave me a fistful of percocet  to keep me out of it for a few days.

Next step is to go back to the ER on Monday morning and have them debride the area (remove the dead skin and clean it to prevent infection and promote healing). Until then, I'm saddled with this gauze scarf and glove.

Dammit! Tomorrow I was supposed to go go-karting for my friend's birthday. Guess that ain't gonna happen. Sorry Steve.

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  1. Lex says:

    DUDE! Low and slow!!! I'm sure I said low and slow!!!!

  2. oh, you're hilarious :PYeah, I feel like a bit of a putz on this one. Oh well, at least it wasn't my newly acquired eyes – and at least it hasn't been too painful yet. Nothing Percocet hasn't been able to help me with!

  3. Lex says:

    hey at least you didn't blow up pyrex and then stand on it barefoot!

  4. Meei says:

    Oh my God! Last I read you were going to prepare some yummiliscious curry. Next you are in the ER. Though I'm sure you like the winter -come-early. MUAAAHHHHAHAHAH

  5. The curry still turned out yummilicious (well, the chicken curry, not so much the veggie curry) thanks to Junkii. 🙂

  6. margotinto says:

    OMG, so sorry to hear about that! Your kitchen is like the burmuda triangle. If I ever come over for dinner, I'm bringing takeaway.
    And we'll forgive you the unsightly neck hair, I just may knit you a scarf to cover it up.
    xxx – booboo kisses from rere

  7. I might need some sort of scarf. The doctor told me today that things are healing nicely, but that I will need to keep the area protected from the sun for the next year (spf 60 or a scarf) in order to prevent skin damage.Thanks for the boo boo kisses, ReRe!

  8. Meei says:

    How much neck hair would you need to qualify for "spf 60 or higher"?? Makes me wonder ……..

  9. margotinto says:

    HA! I bet the Sasquatch doesn't need sunscreen.

  10. margotinto says:

    On a more serious note, Getalife sends his condolences too.

  11. Hmmm – don't think Junkii would approve of me growing a throat tuft, so it's probably a moot point.

  12. margotinto says:

    I think Junkii speaks for all of us on that one.

  13. Oh I'd still love him if he HAS to grow a throat tuft, maybe just a tad less loving :)~junkii

  14. I showed Jake and Josh the picture of you all bandaged up and it upset them. They wanted to know if Uncle Junkii did that to you….I of course told them "Yes- Uncle Junkii is a very mean man"……KISSES! Just kidding.

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