We took part in a Settlers of Catan extravaganza this weekend. Settlers is a board game, and the premise is that you are an island settler who must collect resources like wood and brick to build roads and cities, all of which earns you points. First player to get 10 points wins. Sounds simple, but it's a thoroughly German game: very heavy on the rules.

Still, it's ridiculously fun and can be very fast-paced.

At this tournament, we played a few games, with the winners of each progressing to the next round. Through sheer luck, both Junkii and I made it to the winner's table and, despite a close game, I actually came out on top!

Yes, I know that it's all in fun (and it was great fun) but still, everyone should know that I'M THE KING OF CATAN!  >:)

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  1. I hate to say it, but I'm the Queen of Catan. ~Junkii

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