I'm cursed with poor flexibility. I've been trying to do more stretching – even taking yoga-type classes at the gym on a regular basis (although probably not often enough). Still, it has helped. I can touch my toes while keeping my legs straight now – something I've always had trouble with.

Part of that poor flexibility means I have a tight IT band – particularly tight on my right side – which leads to some knee pain while running because the IT band pulls my leg out of proper alignment. Part of alleviating that pain involved getting orthotics and getting fitted with the right shoes. I've done that and I've been assured that it's all keeping me as properly aligned as possible.

Which is great, but after a 30-minute run last night – my first in about 2 years – I was starting to feel the familiar twinge in my knee.

I'm still uncertain about running – I enjoy it and would love to do more, but if it's going to hurt me, then I'll have to give it up. Still, I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll be able to get through this.

I have a tendency to touch down on my toes when I'm running, and I think the proper method is to touch down on your heel and roll through onto your toes. So once it started hurting on my run last night, I focused on my foot placement and I found it did help reduce the pain. Maybe the problem just requires that I focus more on my foot placement.

Of course, I can also look at getting more regular massage therapy on my legs to help loosen things up. I guess that wouldn't be so bad.

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