After some queasy looks at my neck rash from my workmates, and some welcome advice from a nurse friend (Thanks Andy!), I was prompted to head over to the hospital this afternoon to see what's going on with my neck.Well, four hours later (I got a bit of reading done) I found out that I have what looks to be a secondary infection around my hair follicles. Folliculitis, for those in the know.

Nothing serious, but they did prescribe a stronger antibiotic ointment than Polysporin. They said Poly is great for minor wounds, but most  bacteria are immune to the stuff at this point.

The doctor reassured me that it's rare for a burn not to become infected, but they can't do anything until it happens. So she sent me home with the antibiotic, advising me to come back if there's no change, or if it gets worse.

I'm hoping the rash will be gone by Monday. But either way, I need to avoid the gym for a little while yet, until the healing is further along. The suspicion is that it's the salt/sweat from Tuesday step class that started this whole kafuffle.

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