Given that we just got a dump of snow yesterday, we're both pretty nostalgic for warmer weather. And you know, it doesn't even need to be summer. This fall, up til now, has brought us beautiful weather – not too cold, and with gorgeous colours.

No. Cool, crisp mornings that require a sweater are fine. It's the bundle-me-up-in-a-ski-jacket-scarf-mitts-and-toque weather that depresses us. Fall days, like the ones we spent at Steve's cottage in Muskoka, are perfectly fine!

See for yourself in this collection of photos:

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  1. Forget the weather- I want that cottage! My goodness- now I know why you like going there.

  2. margotinto says:

    OMG you guys are so cute, all cuddly and all.

  3. It's really a fantastic place to be and, while we couldn't swim like we do in the summer, this outing was more about relaxing, reading, and just enjoying nature.

  4. Not as cute as this! Oh my god!

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