We eschewed Halloween this year and instead escaped Ottawa for a weekend getaway in Prince Edward County.

I've been referring to it as an Island, but I guess technically it's a peninsula. Whatever it is, it's located between Kingston and Belleville on Lake Ontario, and it's definitely one of the loveliest little communities that the lazy traveler can take in. In fact the ride there takes you along the lakeshore, and then across it via a short ferry ride. How charming!

Junkii and I went with 4 friends from his workplace. We stayed at Huff Estates Winery. Our tour package included a wine tasting, dinner at a fancy local restaurant, a lovely set of rooms at their brand new inn, and a hot breakfast.

There are loads of other wineries around the island – although no others have their own inn. We plan to go back and take part in some other tastings, but this time, our second day was spent visiting a few local shops in the town of Bloomfield, a quaint little cafe that made a killer vanilla chai tea latte, and the local cheese factory. We did find the County Cider mill and were able to take part in a tasting there, but no other wineries this time.

All in all, it was a relaxing stay. The weather was lovely, if chilly, and we got to act like the foodies we are.

We picked up a few treats for ourselves while we were there; not candy though. We got a 6-year old cheddar that was scrum-diddly-umptious, as well as a maple cheddar and an Onion/Parsley Mozzarella. We also picked up an off dry Riesling from Huff Estates. I'm not generally a fan of white wines, but this one has some great character. And last but not least we grabbed a bottle of "First Frost" – which is not an ice wine, but it is sweeter than your average wine. It's a dessert wine, but it's not nearly as bold as an icewine. Still, yummy.

You can see a few of the photos we took around the island in the collection below.

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  1. This looks like a great place to visit! I love the look of the place….y'all are always off to some interesting place…Im jealous….seriously!

  2. Yeah, but then everything freezes over and we have to stay indoors 5 months of the year 🙂

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