Odd Thomas
Dean Koontz

I don't claim to be a huge Dean Koontz fan. In fact, I sometimes find his writing to be too descriptive and flowery for its own good. In fact, I could probably go on at length about the things I don't like about his writing. But I won't, because overall I would recommend this book.

The story is about a young man who sees dead people, and who uses his gift to try to help them move on from this world. Sounds like the premise for a bad TV show, I know, but it's handled really well here. Lots of interesting characters and some nice dark humour that actually had me chuckling out loud a few times.

Odd Thomas is a recurring character – there are four books thus far in the series and likely three more on the way, according to the author. While this first book is by far the best, the series has been reasonably good thus far, but it promises to get better.

The 2nd and 3rd books were stand-alone – and somewhat forgettable – but with the most recent, Koontz seems to be moving the character into a larger story arc that will span across the rest of the series.

I do like a good multi-novel series, so I'll probably stay hooked until the end. But if you're looking for a quick and twisty read, you might give this a shot. And don't worry, everything wraps up nicely by the end of the novel, so there's no committment to continue the series if you don't like the character.

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