Over the summer, I decided to take a break from piano lessons. After ten years of lessons, it was nice to take a break. Instead of learning new pieces every week, I took the opportunity to revisit some of the music I had learned and forgotten – to try to build a bit of a repertoire.

I was quite happy at first – I practiced when I felt like it and I brought two old pieces up to snuff. But there was a downside.

I thought I could continue on my own for a while and probably make decent progress, but without the motivation of a weekly lesson, I find myself less inclined to practice. I find myself putting practice off "until tomorrow."

It's not that I don't want to practice – it's not a chore, it's actually something I enjoy. But it seems like other time burglars – cardio classes, dinner preparation, drinks with friends, etc – were keeping me from getting in some good solid playing time.

Well, this past weekend, things started to turn around. <Fingers crossed>. I was able to get in some solid practice on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – and even started learning some brand new pieces!

There are a few reasons I was able to find the time:

  • Weekend travels – more frequent in the summer and fall – have come to an end. I don't think we'll be traveling again until the new year.
  • Mom and George have gone back to Arizona, so that's one less draw on my social schedule.
  • Junkii is in the middle of a correspondence course, so he's busy evenings with study, leaving me to my own devices.
  • I've got no new video games to distract me.

Mind you, social occasions are always cropping up, so who knows if this trend will hold, but I'm hopeful that it will. I am at the very least heartened by my desire to play. At least that hasn't waned. I might eventually go back to my teacher – I left that door open with him – but it's pricey, and if I can find the time, I think I can be happy (and richer) with self-led learning.

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