Apparently there's been some minor controversy around the video for Beyoncé's latest video – for Single Lady – pointing out it's similarity to an older video from the '60s. I for one am glad of it, else I probably never would have become acquainted with the earlier video.

Beyonce's song is catchy enough – It's been an ear worm for the past few day – and the dancing is fun enough, as you can see.

But the earlier video – Mexican Breakfast – was evidently choreographed by the late, great Bob Fosse and stars his muse, Gwen Verdon (in the middle). Much more playful in my opinion. Less in your face. Then again, all that pelvic thrusting was probably pretty in-your-face in the '60s when this was filmed.

The more things change…

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  1. Im really digging this song too and its so inventive….and as for the choreography…I heard the choreographer himself admit that he used that 60s clip as his inspiration…..I think he meant it as an homage to this dance clip….I think its brilliant any way you slice it.

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