I hate this time of year.

Every morning I wake up before the alarm – maybe because I need to pee, maybe because my body knows I need to get up soon. Regardless, when it happens, I need to make a decision: do I have to get up or do I get to roll over and get a few more minutes of sleep.

This time of year, it's still dark when I get up – even at 7am. So unless I look at the clock, I have no way of telling if it's getting close to time for the alarm to sound.

It's miserable. I'm almost always fooled into going back to sleep, and start dozing just as the alarm goes off.

Standard time is bullshit. Isn't it supposed to make the morning brighter. I mean it definitely makes the early evening darker, so I'm assuming. Well, by my count, 7am is morning. If they're gonna mess with time, why not make it fall back far enough that I can wake up naturally with morning light!?

Stupid time shifting.

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  1. I have to say that I hate it too- but i DO like that the kids are sleeping until 6:30am every day now…….not such a big deal during the week, but on the weekend, 6:30am is a true gift.

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