I put off writing this post, because I was too lazy to model the clothes and take a few pictures. But no more procrastination!

We decided to do our part to spur on the U.S. economy last week. On the Saturday before Black Friday we took an impromptu day trip to Syracuse, NY to buy ourselves a few nice things.

It was a lovely too. A gorgeous sunny day. At least when we left Ottawa. Once we hit Watertown, the weather turned nasty and the rest of the drive included everything from snow squalls to white-outs. It was not nice driving, but we managed to make it to the outlet mall in Waterloo in time for lunch. (Mmmmm, Arby's).

Unfortunately, we weren't staying overnight and we weren't sure how much we could bring back without invoking the wrath of Canada Customs. So we limited our search to a couple of key items.

Foremost among the expected purchases: wool coats. We've both been wanting one of these – something to wear with more formal attire, to go out for drinks with friends or to attend a work function. It always looks so sloppy to get dressed up only to throw a clumsy old ski jacket over top.

we found these coats at Banana Republic – at 40% off! Woohoo! We still need some more fashionable scarves, but those are easy enough to find here in town.

(Incidentally, I was also in the market for a new ski jacket – the zipper was disintegrating on my old one – but didn't really expect to find one. But Columbia came through for me, providing a brand new ski jacket for 50 bucks. What could be better? And it's proven to be much warmer than my last jacket too, so I'm smiling.)

The other major purchase we'd each hoped to make was a new set of winter boots. Sadly, we both fell short of that goal, but just this week I managed to find a new pair of dressy winter boots here in town. So I'm all set for Christmas party season. (Actually, one of the things I really like about them is that they remind me of the boots they used to wear in the original Star Trek. Now all I need is some black flood pants and a yellow shirt!)

Best part of the trip? The snow stopped once we left Syracuse and at the border, Canada Customs was nice enough to wave us through without requiring us to pay tax. Sweet!

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