I was chatting with my friend at work about things from my past, and the topic of Charo came up. Don't ask how.

I got to thinking that I knew who this woman was: just some sexy chick who made a career as a guest star on those old gameshows like Password and $25,000 Pyramid. Or as a guest star on Love Boat or Fantasy Island.

But then I got thinking that, with all of those shows, you kind of needed to be "someone" before you were considered a "special guest." For the life of me, I couldn't think what Charo had done to grant her "special guest" status (other than having coined the catchphrase "Cuchi Cuchi").

Thanks to Wiki, I now know she's a Spanish-born American singer, dancer, comedienne, actress, and a classically trained guitarist. I checked out her website and you know, the music's not to my liking, but she's quite talented in terms of her playing – and she's still releasing albums and touring. Her last album as in 2005!

Who knew? And here I thought she was just a sex bomb.

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