I look at other blogs and they all have a regular feature. Tinto has Friday-Forget-Me-Nots, for instance. It's something this blog has been lacking for some time now – a regularly scheduled feature.

Well, I get earworms stuck in my head all the time, so I thought I'd start sharing those with you every week; no matter how embarrassing they might be.

Today's earworm has actually been stuck for several days now. It just keeps creeping back in. And the worst part is that it's not even a particularly good song. I present to you the Earworm for this Wednesday, Dec 10 2008: Britney Spears's Womanizer.

incidentally, the bit that keeps rolling around in my brain is : "Boy don't try to front I-I Know jus-just what you a-a-are"

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  1. margotinto says:

    This is a great idea. My earworm is "Happy Ending" by Mika, mostly because of Natalli and Vincent's contemporary routine.

  2. Vincent was robbed. Or rather he was Willed. Just like last seasons SYTYCD US version, the best dancer was let go so that the "favorite" dancer could win.

  3. oh what a terrible song! Im shocked that this would be your earworm this week….SHOCKED I tell you…..

  4. margotinto says:

    I'm not surprised, considering how many times I heard R singing 'Toxic' to himself.

  5. Yeah, but toxic got stuck in my head cuz of BodyStep. I have no excuse for Womanizer. I guess I'm just a Britney-phile.

  6. margotinto says:

    So did Arrasay. Once she and Vincent got the boot, it was just a popularity contest, and had little to do with who was the best.

  7. Too true – although I personally liked Lisa better than Arrasay. I also love the song Happy ending – not the opening, which is pretty standard, but the part after the break that builds and builds (starting with "little bit of love". I love the swells in that part.

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