I'm so in love with the new Killers album. Every track has something great about it – and that's rare. I almost never find an album that's this well-crafted. They've switched up their arrangements incorporating saxophone, steel drums, and way more harmony than I've heard from them in the past. But one of the greatest things is how much of an homage this album is to the "greats" of the '80s.

  • Joy Ride for instance is classic InXS – so much so that I wouldn't be surprised if I found out it was a cover version.

  • The World that we Live in is two bands combined: The verses are Tears for Fears – especially the lyric "Bless your body bless your soul, pray for peace and self control – and the choruses are Simple Minds.

  • Losing Touch has a serious funky verse, complete with saxophone that, if not Duran Duran, is at least reminiscent of Arcadia.

  • I Can't Stay is very David Bowie – around the time he release Blue Jean.

  • This is your Life reminds me of Talking Heads (Not that I know a lot of Talking Heads, but it brings to mind their big hit, Once in a Lifetime)

And now to my earworm:
Spaceman opens like Baltimora's Tarzan Boy and while the rest of the track is definitely inspired by the '80s, I can't quite tie it to a specific band yet. But it's on the tip of my tongue. Maybe that's why this one's so sticky with me. Any thoughts on the inspiration?

The specific part that's been rattling around my head (when Womanizer isn't dominating the brainwaves – yes, it's still in there too) is the lyric: And you know I might have just flown too far from the floor this time.

Here's the track if you haven't heard it yet.

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  1. margotinto says:

    Until I read this post, I had that terrible Sheriff song, "When I'm with you" stuck in my head, but that's cuz Getalife and I watched Young People F*cking the other night, and the song gets a lot of play in that movie. Before that it was Womanizer, but only cuz I heard Lily Allen's version, which is way better than Brittany's.

  2. I Love that version of Womanizer – thanks for flagging it! I showed it to Courtney at work and she was blown away. What a great stripped down version.

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