I generally find romantic Comedies to be big turn-off. They're largely carbon copies of one another, forgettable, and with few exceptions they're just about the most insipid things to come out of Hollywood.

That said, we just got through watching Love Actually and I have to say it really is one of the worthwhile ones. It's not a single formulaic storyline, but instead touches on all aspects of love – puppy love, unrequited love, familial love, illicit love, lust, passion, the start of a relationship and the end of marriage. It's at turns heartwarming, laugh-out-loud funny, and devastating (i.e. Emma Thompson to Joni Mitchell) – and it's genuinely entertaining.

It's also responsible for a serious case of earworm today. Now I can't get Mariah Carrey's AllI Want for Christmas is You out of my head!

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  1. BA NA BA NA BA…..I dont want alot for Christmas…….

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