Junkii and I returned to the gym this week after nearly a month away. Tuesday's step class was excruciating. We both felt like puking about halfway through. It's incredible how fast cardio capacity drops!

We generally go at least twice a week for step, and despite our bellies, we at least feel that our cardiovascular systems are in decent shape. So it's a bit distressing to have that drop in capacity.

Add to that the fact that the holiday weight doesn't drop off nearly as easily as it used to and you can see why we're starting to feel older (well, at least I am).

Yesterday we did another step class, and I did some weights (BodyPump) too. So I fully expect the pain will start today (peaking tomorrow). That should teach us not to take a break from the gym.

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  1. step and weights in one day? Are you a sadist?

  2. That's the routine – Tuesday step and flow (yoga/pilates/taichi) and Wednesday Pump (weights class) and step. Thursday, Rest. But when it's been a few weeks off, routine is tough to get back into.

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