Junkii has a theory that if we try to do outdoor things that are fun over the winter then we won't hate it quite so much. I keep telling him we probably wouldn't hate it so much if we took some holidays in Central America either, but he assures me we can't afford to be snowbirds just yet. Well, we put his theory to the test yesterday and went snowshoeing for the first time over in Gatineau park. What fun!

It was a gorgeous sunny day and, while it was cold, there wasn't really any windchill. We rented a set of snowshoes – a steal at $5 an hour – and headed off for the nearest trail with some of our friends (as you can see in the photos.)

It wasn't especially challenging, but it definitely gave us a taste of how much fun snowshoeing can be – let alone how beautiful the forest is in winter. Evidently there are many longer and more challenging trails around the park that we'll have to try out. We can't wait to go again! We'll definitely be investing in our own set of snowshoes in the near future.

We topped off the excursion with a little spiked hot apple cider from our friends Pat and Kristiina and then headed back to their place for Pat's birthday celebration. Days like this definitely make us hate winter a little less. Good plan, Junkii!



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  1. Ok…I'll concede that this does "LOOK" like fun from my warm study 2000 miles south of you…but Im such a wimp- I still think there is no way in hell you would catch me doing that! But it did look like fun……snowshoes have come a long way haven't they? That wasn't what I was expecting to see at all. So Im glad you enjoyed yourselves…….and the hot cider too.

  2. Ahh, but someday you'll want to bring the boys to Ottawa in the winter
    so they can skate on the canal. Of course I won't be able to joint hem
    because I won't learn how to skate.

  3. he he……funny you say that…Johnny and I were thinking maybe winter 2010- come up for winterlude, and skating (and snowshoing I guess) then head to Tremblant for some skiing……just a thought…..

  4. Ah yes – winterlude. Coldest time of the year.You'll love it!Good news is that we live a block from the canal – so you just come to our place and walk over to the canal. It's ideal!

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