So, I'm kind of cheating today. Most of the day I've had a song in my head, but it's one I don't really like and so I didn't want to post it. Instead I simply put off writing this post until I had something better in my ear.

The something better is I'm in Love with the Girl by Gavin DeGraw.


It's no masterpiece, but it's certainly better than the song that was stuck for most of the morning. It's the MeowMeowMeowMeow song by the Pussycat Dolls – When I grow Up.


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  1. Rinagirl says:

    I love "I'm in love with the girl" by Gavin…nice one!!

  2. Certainly better than the alternative 🙂

  3. Ahhh yes…great lyrics to the pussycats song…."When I grow up , I wanna see the world, Drive nice cars, I wanna have boobies"…….aim high dolls- aim high

  4. margotinto says:

    After I dropped you off yesterday, I had "Susudio" stuck in my head. I have no idea where it came from.
    I'm actively avoiding hearing that PCD song. It sounds terrible.

  5. The first time I heard it I also thought it said "I wanna have boobies" , but I soon realized it said "I wanna have groupies."But speaking of rude lyrics, Tinto said her hubby is positive that, in "Pokerface", Lady Gaga is singing "fuh-fuh-fuh-f@ck her face fuh fuh f@ck her face." I have my doubts.

  6. Oh I'm so glad that you didn't sing Susudio until AFTER I left. What a wretched little 80s tune that was.

  7. margotinto says:

    I agree. I've hated it forever.

  8. The radio edit is GROUPIES…..the true lyrics are BOOBIES……dont give them too much credit

  9. I didn't know that. All class, those dolls.

  10. margotinto says:

    Listen, I just googled it, and A LOT of people think she's saying that….so it's not just Getalife…..

  11. Well if Google says it's so…

  12. margotinto says:

    Waaaaiiit a second….is that PCD's song the one that Nico and Lisa danced to? I guess I wasn't paying attention to the song at the time…..

  13. Yes, I believe they did dance the paparazzi number to this track. Lisa was fierce in that!

  14. margotinto says:

    Ya, but Nico used his teeth. That's pretty fierce. I wonder if they'll do that dance on tour? Lisa had better get some lip insurance.

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