I'm pleased as punch! On Friday my boss came to me and said she wants me to get training on some sort of video editing software so that we can cut together some short videos in-house. I've wanted to have video editing skills for the longest time, so I'm just thrilled.

she comes from a documentary film background and really hopes to start getting the organization's work out to the public in video format.

Not sure what software it will be yet. She suggested that Final Cut is the industry standard but it looks like that only runs on Mac, and we don't have any Mac computers in the office. Hmm – maybe I should suggest we get a Mac! At the very least, I think I'll be getting a new 21" flat panel monitor to replace my old bulky 17".

Either way, looks like I'll be adding to my skill set again. I've now become good at photo editing (PhotoShop) and page layout (InDesign), plus I still have a set of Adobe Illustrator training videos to work through at home to learn how to do graphics. Now if I can rely on work to help me master video editing, I'll have a nice little resumé on the go.

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