It's a bit early – it's only Tuesday evening – but not sure I'll get another chance to post. We've both had a huge case of earworm all week. Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid Soundtrack has been playing on a loop since Thursday. So the trend looks set to continue on Wednesday and I might as well post it now.


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  1. margotinto says:

    So. just. no. I know you are on holiday an all, but WTF?

  2. Why pray tell would you have THAT song in your head…..Margaritaville maybe- but under the sea????

  3. Rinagirl says:

    lol! lol!! I haven't heard it in a while… love it! Where did you even hear it in the first place to get it stuck in your head???

  4. Really?! I love Disney Movies – well, at least the ones that were released in theatres and not straight to video. There are better songs from the Little Mermaid though, and other movies have better overall soundtrack, but there was reason for this particular song being in my head!

  5. Well, when you're playing in the waves every day…

  6. I prefer Kiss the Girl form Little Mermaid, but this has a catchier melody. It wasn't so much that we heard it as we were swimming int he ocean every day for the past week. We just returned from Costa Rica last night. More on that soon!

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