So we're back from Costa Rica. We had a fantastic time and now, sadly, we're back at work. Over the next week I'll try to post a items on a daily basis to fill you all in on what we did there and share photos and videos of our trip. But not today.

Today I want to share with you the miracle that is winter. It's a magical season where ground is covered with a gentle blanket of snow and the trees turn white and pure… Bullshit. Winter sucks. People who LIKE winter suck. Jerks.

Winter is a miserable time of year that keeps people in a perpetual state of discomfort – be it from the wind that freezes your ears off or the snow that causes you to walk like a hunchback. And worst of all is how it seems to fuck with the best-laid plans. For instance – in our effort to escape winter by flying south to Costa Rica – we were nearly thwarted by one of this season's worst winter storms.

Costa Rica is not easy to get to from Ottawa. Our preliminary research indicated we would need to spend at least $1000 each and take multiple flights that would take upwards of 17-20 hrs of flight time. We were able to find an $800 flight leaving from Montreal, but that was still pretty costly. It was clear we were going to have to fly from further afield.

Toronto wound up being the departure airport. We found a significantly cheaper flight out of Toronto – $411 after taxes – only problem being that it was scheduled to leave at 5:30 in the morning. And of course that we had to get there in the middle of winter.

That turned out to be a pretty big problem. We've driven to other airports before – Syracuse is a regular departure terminal for us and we've even left form Toronto before – we just leave for Toronto after work and we're usually there in plenty of time for a morning flight. This time winter had other plans for us.

Thankfully we were able to get away from work early and got out of Ottawa before traffic got too bad. That had the added benefit of getting us to Kingston before dark. But the total trip – usually about 4.5 hours – took us well over 6 this time. Moreover, it was somewhat hair-raising, what with all the vehicles on the side of the road that had clearly spun out. Of course, it was also frustrating when we'd get behind the snow plows going 40 KPH for hours on end. All with the risk that we might arrive to find a canceled flight!

Of course, in the end, we made it – to Toronto, to the Airport (Thanks LnG!), to Costa Rica – but damned if it didn't make us second-guess our decision to save money by driving to another airport. I still maintain that the treacherous trek made the arrival in Costa Rica all the sweeter, though.

Hmm – maybe that's why people love winter so much. It makes summer that much better. Still. Jerks.

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  1. Sinapore is looking better and better huh? Im just glad you got out…..if you had of spent the extra $600 though, you know full well that the flight from Ottawa to Toronto would have been canceled…..Im just glad you got there safe.

  2. I'm pretty certain flights out of Ottawa would have been canceled or at least heavily delayed that day. You're right. At least this way we're only dependent on ourselves – at least for that first leg.

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