I'm slow sorting through photos and hope to have a few to show you shortly. In the meantime, I thought a good way to start would be to show you where we stayed in Costa Rica. Here are two short video tours of the condo where we stayed in Samara, Costa Rica. Our friends Steve (AKA Baby) and Krista, who rented the place, are still there. Lucky bums!

Let me apologize in advance for the video quality. The original vids were too big for the blog and when I shrunk them, I went too far. And now I'm too lazy to re-do it. Oh well – you can still see everything pretty clearly. First, a brief tour of the inside of our condo:

Second, a video to show you just how close to the beach we actually were:

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  1. Rinagirl says:

    I'm soo jealous!! Looks great!

  2. Wait until you guys see the beach! I have a video from there and loads of photos.

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