This vacation was a totally different experience from any we've taken before.

Usually when we travel we want to do lots of sight-seeing – museums, temples, landmarks – but this time our trip was all about relaxing. About sitting on a beach and staying put. And it was fantastic!

The day we landed in Liberia, Costa Rica, the pilot announced on the loudspeaker that the temperature was 36 degrees (97F for our US reader), and we both looked at each other and squealed with glee. Our friends picked us up at the airport and we headed off to Samara (about 2 hours away on the pacific coast). They had rented a condo for 6 weeks and we were crashing their pad for 7 days.

Their condo was a 5 minutes walk from the beach and that's pretty much where we spent our time – relaxing in the sun, or swimming, or body surfing the big waves. There was only one day that we left Samara. We went to nearby Nicoya – a larger city with more restaurants, a few sights, and a farmers market. Aside from that it was all beach time.

We did get our share of exercise though. We rented boogie boards a couple of times, to help with the body surfing. We rented sea kayaks and rowed out to a nearby island (you can see it in the background here – it was about 30 minutes away) which was crawling with hermit crabs! We even took surfing lessons – and both of us managed to get up on our own without the instructor!

In the evenings, we'd have a quick shower and a drink (courtesy of the house bartender) before wandering into Samara for a meal, then back home to bed so we could get up and do it all over again.

We did manage to check out the night life around Samara. No photos, but we went for a few drinks at the local night clubs, and one evening we were up at a club that overlooks the town and were there just in time for sunset. It was beautiful.

We've selected about 60 photos that should give you a sense of the place. you can check them out by clicking on the image below.

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  1. This sounds so wonderful….I wish I could have spent it with you…..Im sure that is just what you would want- your sis hanging around…..and this picture of you two is BEAUTIFUL! Can I have a copy? Seriously…I want to frame it…its fantastic…..I love the pictures, and Im glad you had fun…..those are my favorite kinds of vacations.

  2. Of course you can have the photo – and We'd love to spend vacation time with you!

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