Here I sit, at my desk in downtown Ottawa. Clearly I didn't work from home today. Nope, rather I woke to the realization that our monthly staff meeting is scheduled for today. So I hustled my butt in to the office.

Turns out I needn't have worried. I was able to take my normal route to work. Sure, there was a larger police presence, but they were letting pedestrian traffic cross Obama's route, so no problem for me. In fact, since I didn't have to wait for car traffic (and since I left a little earlier in case I had to take the long way to work) I actually made it in to the office about 10 minutes earlier than normal. Plus there was a very cute officer where I crossed the road. Bonus!

Guess I'll work from home tomorrow instead, but I won't be able to call it an "Obama Bump" day.

Very disappointing.

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