Obama is visiting tomorrow. I'm very excited! It's too bad he won't address the public – I'd like to see him in person. But no, the best we could hope for is to see his motorcade drive by. The way I see it though, that's not even gonna happen.

The City of Ottawa is choosing to shut down many of the downtown streets for security reasons – to auto and pedestrian traffic alike. Given that my office is right smack in downtown Ottawa – like, a block from Parliament Hill – it looks like my route to work would be dodgy at best. Frankly, the maps available on the city's website make it look like I would be hard pressed to be able to get to my office at all. (I'm sure it's possible, but still…)

That's okay – I can work from home. I was planning on doing that one day this week anyway, and Thursday is as good as any other day. But I would just like to note that Obama has basically bumped me out of my office for the day.

Thanks, Mr. President!

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