On Saturday, as usual, I took my grandmother out to run some errands. A short shopping trip, a little visit. I complain, but it is a good way to spend time with Nana; it's more productive than if we just sit around her apartment. There, I have to listen to stories about a bunch of her friends – people I don't know. When we go out, I still get the same stories, but at least I can pick up a few groceries while we chat. Plus I usually get a free lunch out of it (Trust me. I've tried paying. she's not having any part of that idea!).

It's all very simple. She's slow, but she's surprisingly strong, and I never feel like she's at imminent risk of collapsing. These weekly excursions make her happy because she gets some company, she gets to run a few errands, and she gets exercise and fresh air. What could be better for someone who spent the last year cooped up in her apartment recovering from hip surgery?

But here's the thing. She has two other grandchildren in town, and as near as I can tell, neither of them makes much of an effort to even talk to the poor old lady by telephone, let alone go for a visit. I don't bring this up to boast about how good a grandson I am. I'm just saddened (and more than a little irritated) by the fact that they don't want to spend a little time with their Nana. I don't expect them to go see her on a weekly basis (I probably wouldn't if Mom were here to take Nana for groceries) but it would be nice if they at least phoned her more regularly. And would it be too much to find an hour a month to drop by her place for a visit? They don't even do that!

I hear that one of my cousins avoids seeing Nana because she doesn't want to deal with the repercussions if Nana were to fall or somehow hurt herself while she was present. That's the dumbest, flimsiest excuse I've heard for not bothering to see someone! How hard is it to call 911? I've lost a lot of respect for her over that. In fact, I have half a mind to phone both my cousins and give them shit for being so selfish – but honestly, can you see me trying to give someone shit? I don't think I have it in me.

I do find it selfish, though. Nana's gonna be 90 this year. Let's face it, she's not gonna be around much longer. She's done a lot for her grandchildren over the course of her life. It's not asking too much to do something in return, is it? Spend a little time with her.

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