Swear to god, we must have been two of the last people on the planet to see Wall-E, but we finally did on Friday night. And it was good. I don't want to take anything away from it. It was a good solid Pixar movie.

Pixar has yet to make a blunder (with the exception of Cars, but even that wasn't dreadful).

Still, by all accounts, Wall-E was supposed to be the BEST PIXAR MOVIE EVER! And for me it fell well short of that mark. I think Ratatouille and The Incredibles are both way better than Wall-E. Wall-E is almost all slapstick, whereas my own favorites have plots and dialogue. Yes, there are heart tugging moments in Wall-E, and there's even a slight "environmentalism/ appreciate the planet" message tucked in there for good measure, but it's pretty much mostly just sci-fi slapstick. Fun, but ultimately empty calories.

Wall-E was clearly this year's favorite animated film, but you know, for my money, I thought Kung-Fu Panda was better.

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  1. Nope….Wall-E is my fav…I like it better than any Pixar film (although Toy Story is pretty damn good) ….I cry at Wall-E……I just LOVE him…..

  2. What part do you cry at? I can't think of any scenes that are terribly weepy. (SPOILER) Maybe the part with the lack of recognition after the motherboard swap, but that's pretty quickly overcome.

  3. I weep at the part when he is alone, before he meets Eve and he is watching the musical of the man and woman and he does that thing with his hands and moves his eyes and it just makes me weep….i LOVE Wall-E.

  4. Okay, I can see that. But I guess I figure he's lonely, but he hasn't actually experienced love yet – so the fact he's without it isn't quite so bad.

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