Winter tends to be a bit of a dormant period for Junkii and I. I'm sure the cold plays a big part in keeping us indoors during the frigid months, but whatever the reason, we tend to shun our social obligations in January and February. It's not meant to s light anyone, it's just how it happens. It's cyclic.

But, like the spring thaw that melts away the snow to reveal the blooms of spring (oh dear. sorry.), Junkii and I also start to emerge from our cave around March to see what our friends have been up to, Lo these many months.

Last weekend was our first semi-busy social weekend in weeks. We gathered with a few others who had not yet seen Wall-E and finally watched that on a Friday evening (following it with wine and conversation, of course). Then on Sunday of the same weekend we invited two other friends over and introduced them to Settlers of Catan. This week was even busier. We hit two birthday celebrations – a house party for Nigel at his place on Saturday night (Oh! the hangover!) and a fancy brunch buffet at Prime360 for Greg on Sunday morning (Oh! the belly ache!).

And now that spring has sprung, the social calendar shows no signs of slowing. This week we're scheduled to take in The Watchmen with a couple of friends one night, then close on the heels of that the whole gang is supposed to be gathering for drinks and grub downtown.

We are social creatures, Junkii and I, despite our annual hibernation. Maybe next up we should host a film night!

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