While enjoying a little popularity right now, MGMT is not exactly a mainstream music group. Their music is catchy, though, and one of the best cuts from their current album is called Kids. But despite the quality of the music, the band's lack of mainstream appeal doesn't exactly scream out that Kids is due for a remake.

Despite that, the Mentalists have decided to put a really interesting spin on the song, covering it using only iPhones as instruments. Who knew that iPhone apps could reproduce a song so well.

Check out the original track followed by the Mentalists version. It's pretty faithful, too!

Kids – MGMT

Kids – The Mentalists

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  1. Junkii would agree. His new iMac is his pride and joy.

  2. Soup says:

    Hey! You're featured on the music page!I'm not one to climb up on Apple's nuts. They make some cool stuff, don't get me wrong, but I've just never been that into it for a variety of reasons.But this is just awesome. I loved that song when it came out, and I still love it now, and the idea of people covering it on their iPhones is just sweet.

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