What's in your ear?

Our friend Jeanette is returning to Ottawa for a few days – on reprieve from her posting in Belgium. We're celebrating on Thursday evening with a little get together.

As part of that, I downloaded a few of the current Top40 hits in Belgium so I could throw them into the mix we'll have on the stereo Thursday evening. I'm shocked at how different in style Top40 music in Belgium is compared to the US. I knew Euro-pop was different, but that's fairly dramatic. American Top40 is just so reliant on HipHop (for better or for worse). I think I must be European at heart cuz I find music with melody just so much more interesting.

Infinity 2008

And yet, the one that has stuck in my ear really neither musical nor lyrical merit. Infinity 2008 by the Guru Josh Project (evidently a remix of one of Guru Josh's earlier hits), is certainly catchy though, and there it sits – in my ear.

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  1. Nope…..not feeling this one

  2. Yeah – I knew it wouldn't be for everyone. But that's not the rule. The rule is "whatever's in my head – regardless of how embarrassing" 🙂

  3. Don't we do lunges to this song in BodyPump? ~junkii

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