On the way back from Phoenix (more on that later this evening, I promise – it's all written, I just need to get the photos together), Delta Airlines offered a selection of music to listen to. So rather than tax my iPod, I decided to check out some of their choices. They had all sorts – pop, hiphop, classical – but I was most interested to hear the soundtrack from the Broadway Musical, Xanadu.

I never saw the film, but my sister listened to the album constantly growing up, and I grew to love the songs. So I thought it would be fun to hear new versions. Wrong. The broadway soundtrack was awful. I was particularly irked by the people singing the ELO songs. They were just so screechy.

So I'm gonna stick with the original versions, thank you very much.

And today's Earworm is Dancin' from the Xanadu OST – which mixes '30s big band sounds with cheesy '80s hair rock. The hair rock kinda sucks, but the rest is good. This video takes a while to get going, but I couldn't find another version.

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  1. HA HA….thats funny because I came across the movie the other night when surfing and got sucked into watching the damn thing (its a bad movie)….I still have Xanadu on my iPod btw…….its a very good song-still….
    So my earworm today, even thoguh i dont like it, is Poker face by Lady Gaga…….PAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPA Poker face (or Tinto's version if you like)

  2. Yah – Poker face does get stuck easily. Even if it's just her first song (Just dance) under a different name.

  3. well- now I have Jai Ho in my head……..those damn pussycat dolls!

  4. Don't think I know that song – but if it's the PDs, I'm sure it's not that spectacular. I have Disturbia (Rihanna) floating around today.

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