Okay, one more air travel rant, then I'll call it rest.

I was shocked to discover that airlines are now charging flyers for their luggage. Sure, they've always charged for additional pieces, but not for a primary bag. WTF?! We were each charged $15 for our bags. What a rip off. Why is this not included in the price of the ticket? Everyone needs to carry luggage of some sort. It's assumed.

I would rather see the airlines charge flyers a premium for carry-on bags. Have you seen the size of some of those things? It's getting out of hand. You can't squeeze a steamer trunk into an overhead bin!

I realize there are people who will disagree with me – that there are those who extol the benefits of not having to wait for your luggage on the carousel. And I'm not blind to the fact that there is less cost associated with carry-ons, what with removing the need for extra ground crew. But there's a principle here. Flying is a service industry, and part of that service is taking care of your bag so you don't have to lug it around. If you remove the giant carry-ons, you cut down the time it takes to board the plane (and therefore the number of delays). You also remove a level of stress from the flight attendants who have to help find space for everyone's stuff.

I've always held that people who travel with giant carry-on bags are jerks. A little knapsack is one thing, but there's a limit. Still, I might need to change my tune and start carrying-on myself if they're just gonna tack on another charge.

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