I wish I had the camera today. This post would be much more interesting. Still, no picture, but I'll try to keep it below 1000 words. I had two run-ins with birds en route to work today – one hopeful, one…well… less so.

Bird 1: The Red Breasted Robin
About 15 minutes into my trek to work and the weather is dismal. It's cold and damp, the wind is making it colder, and the flurries are keeping me hunched and uncomfortable. Then, out of nowhere, a big red-breasted robin swoops up off the Rideau Canal, lands on a tree and stares at me. And I just smiled and thought "Yay. Spring is officially here!"

Bird 2: The Common Pigeon (AKA the Gutter Bird)

About 5 minutes after that, I walked under the Laurier Ave overpass. The underside of the overpass is covered with a wire mesh – a chicken-wire material meant to keep the pigeons out. But there's a gaping hole in the mesh and a pigeon has decided to nest there, directly on top of the bike path that is my route to work! As I approach the area, all I see on the ground is bird sh!t. I'm very careful to to avoid the drop zone as I pass beneath. Nothing magical about this – it's a daily occurence – just thought you'd like to hear one of my daily travails. I'll be happy when the eggs hatch and momma can be on her merry way.

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