I didn't have much in my head by way of music today. Too busy at work I guess. But here I sit tonight and I have the Jamiroquai song Love Foolsophy in my head. And any time I have a Jamiroquai song in my head, I'm a happy man.

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  1. margotinto says:

    I've still got "I dreamed a dream" stuck in my head. Susan Boyle is EVERYWHERE.

  2. Yeah – she's pretty ubiquitous right now. I Can't tell you how many blogs I read that posted her performance. It was definitely impressive, given her lack of training. But to me, it's a sad state of affairs that no one noticed her when she was younger. She would have benefited greatly from training. It speaks to the lack of cultural funding that we rely on crap shows like "you've got talent" to find people that could have been amazing artists if not for lack of arts funding.

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