Thankfully my job doesn't often require me to bring work home. Once I leave the office, I'm pretty much done for the day. I don't give it another thought until the next morning when I turn on my office E-mail.

There are exceptions, of course. A few times a year, when I'm very busy with a publication for instance, I do take home a little added stress – but I'm usually pretty good at planning ahead, which keeps the stress to a minimum and helps me get my work done without having to rely on overtime.

The only times I do feel some compunction to work outside of regular office hours are our semi-annual Board of Directors meetings – which always happen over the course of two days: Friday and Saturday. Technically I'm only required to be there on the Friday, but while the Saturday is purely voluntary for staff, I always feel pressure to show up and take part. It's just guilt, but still; It's powerful.

So off I went this Saturday to diligently play my part. Not that I have a big role to play. I never have to present to the board, and I'm only there as a resource person in case my boss has questions. Usually I spend my time making sure the technical side of things – slide shows, projection equipments, etc – is all running smoothly. No, it's not a demanding role, but it just feels like such a waste of my time.

I basically have to give up half a weekend and then I wind up not getting the rest that I require to keep myself sane, and I turn up to work cranky and grumpy on Monday morning.

Just thought you'd like to know why I'm sitting here in my office with the door closed, ignoring my colleagues.

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