Huzzah – my video editing training starts next week. I'm going to learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro so I'll be able to cut together short videos for our website at work. Of course, the training will be transferable, and maybe Junkii and I will look into getting some sort of video camera so we can start to produce slide shows that also include video.

I'm really happy that my employer is investing in my training. I've become pretty handy with Adobe InDesign (a layout software) and now this. My CV is growing.

On the downside – I required a new work computer to run all this software (Adobe is a real resource hog). I know what you're thinking: Downside?

Sure, it's great to get a new computer – the IT person delivered it to me yesterday – but changing computers means I lose all my personal settings. So I need to go through each program and make sure it's set up the way I like it. All the Adobe programs. All the Microsoft programs. All the web browsers. I need to re-order my start menu. I need to make sure the right programs are set as defaults. It's a lot of niggling work.

We really should have invested in a Mac. Don't know if it would have saved me any work with setting up personal setings, but these design/communications programs all work better on Mac. And I would have been able to learn the industry standard – Final Cut – instead of relying on Premiere. Oh well, training is training, and I'm happy to get what I can. Now I just need to convince them to get me a new (and bigger) monitor.

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