Ugh. Last night we came to find out that one of our neighbours in the condo is starting to have some problems with leaks in the foundation. So far it's been limited just to her own unit, but this could mean some serious repair work on our building – possibly this year!

We're meeting on Sunday to discuss the problem, but from what she says, it sounds like we might have to have our entire back yard excavated in order to make the repairs. That would mean tearing out the decks and the new fence that we put in last year, along with all the soil underneath the decks.

Not sure what that will mean for the trees growing there, but if we do go ahead with it, I'm inclined to suggest that it be done in a way that will make the repairs permanent. That will also mean repairing the retaining wall while the opportunity exists, and probably installing PVC decking once the area is filled in again. Thankfully, we should be able to re-use the PVC dividing fences we had installed last summer, but this really is the major repair we've been dreading.

We knew when we bought that this was an eventuality we might have to deal with, but even so, we're still not ready for it. Based on our neighbour's preliminary research, it sounds like the work will be somewhere in the vicinity of about $10,000 per unit ($50K) – not an expense we need when witht he expense of a Malaysia trip already slated this year. But I suppose we can get a home-improvement loan. And I still haven't sold my Nissan yet – so the funds from that sale could go toward the house as well.

We should be fine, in the end, but the initial shock of hearing the price made for a somewhat sleepless night last night.

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  1. The joys of owning an older house huh……Im sorry to hear this, but it may not be as bad as you think. Im not sure who is quoting your prices, but you can get a few different bids on it. And thus a few different options. Its not good, I agree…..Im just hoping its not as bad as you think it will be. Good luck on Sunday……keep us posted with what to outcome is.

  2. Thanks for the reality check. This has been hanging over our heads for a while – the whole issues around the retaining wall etc. – so it's probably not a bad idea to address it. I hope a few things: -that it won't be TOO expensive-that we can get the $$ together–that it won't ruin our summer deck season.I hope the work doesn't happen until the fall at earliest. Ideally, not until next spring, but it will depend on the extent of the damage.

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