Every month, Junkii and I allow ourselves one poutine, one round of KFC, and one bag of chips each. It's the triumvirate of evil delicious foods that, no matter how hard we try, we just can't stop craving.

Well, after our trip to Arizona in March we both had serious remorse about the amount of food we had eaten. We decided that April would be time to step up our workouts, scale back our food intake, and avoid the big three altogether. It was to be a chip-free month.

We've had mixed results.

  • So far so good on the big three. Aside from a handful of cheezies I snarfed whiled visiting Dad and Louise, we've managed to avoid sinning this month. Last night was tough, because I was really craving Hawkins' Cheezies, but we agreed to have a smoothie instead.
  • We've also added extra fitness classes to our exercise regime, and we've started running again on the days we don't get to the gym.
  • Plus we've manage to cut back on portions at dinner time, and we've also been pretty good about eliminating late night snacks.

And yet, the pounds aren't falling away. Every few days I step on the scale and the needle just laughs at me, and points right back to the same spot it hit last time I stood there. Sure, we're not gaining, but it would be nice to drop a few. Equilibrium is better than growth, but progress towards a thinner me might at least help keep me motivated.

I don't know if I can last another month without a treat. Maybe I'll allow myself one treat in May, instead of all three. I'm thinking the call of Hawkin's cheezies are gonna break me.

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  1. You HAD to post that picture didn't you! DAMN YOU! Luckily I cant get those here…..but I crave them regularly……..A treat is ok….you can deny yourself every joy in life or you will totally rebel in the end…..so moderation is the key……of course, you know all of this anyways…..Good luck with the abstinence.

  2. They're soooo tasty. Junkii doesn't care for them – he finds them too salty. He prefers Cheetos. Crazy man.

  3. he's obviously not a born Canadian! TOO SALTY! PSSSHHHHAWWWW

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