Well, it looks like the foundation issue might be put on hold (sigh of relief). It seems the only major crack is in unit 8 and the owner is looking into having a crew come in to inject polyurethane into the wall. The leak was not constant – just  something that happened in the spring with the melting snow. So hopefully the injection approach will work to hold off major repairs for a year or two until we can build up money in our repair fund.

We agreed to raise our condo fees a bit to start building up a pot, and one of our co-owners is also looking into our insurance policy to see if foundation repairs are covered. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I guess that means we won't be excavating the decks this summer. Next up, Mel and I will have to decide on an approach to planting the flower beds. We had hoped to take a course through the city on what best to plant in your own backyard, but that course got canceled due to lack of interest. Too bad. We only had partial success last year. Oh well, we'll have another go at it and we'll post some pics once we do the planting – likely later in May.

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  1. This is GREAT news! I bet you're doing a little jig!

  2. Yeah – it's nice that we won't have to tear things up this summer and can enjoy our deck . It's also good that we've started actively putting money towards the upcoming repairs.

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