What's Your Earworm? Tell Me, Tell Me, Do!

I found a kinda cool track by the Belgian act Lady Linn and her Magnificent Seven while scouting the Europe top 100 list this week. While her current release is a jazzified remake of Eddie Grant's I Don't Wanna Dance, evidently she had a release before this that I like way better. The song is called Love Affair and it's got a Swingin' '60s kind of spy-groove feel goin' on. Not totally impressed with Lady Linn's voice, but the arrangements on this track are great.

Love Affair

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  1. margotinto says:

    Ya, her song is catchy, but her voice is a little too nazel-ly for me. But it does sound like a 60s spy movie soundtrack, doesn't it? I've got Poker Face stuck in my head right now cuz it was on the radio, but before that it was "It Ain't Me Babe" cuz I was reading an audio article about the 50 Best Dylan Covers.

  2. I agree about her voice. Not sure who the songwriter is, but they would do well to take the band and find a new lead singer with a powerful set of pipes. That would really show off this style of music – a young Shirley Bassey type.

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