I'm going to alienate people today. My earworm is by They Might Be Giants. The song is Ana Ng, from their album Lincoln.

Actually, the version I have in my head is a cover version by the band Self, but I had a hard enough time finding the original version to post with this article, so you're getting the original.

Ana Ng

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  1. This song always reminds me of you. I think the first time I heard this was with you in your room in Nana's house.

  2. makes sense. TMBG isn't exactly a band you hear a lot on commercial radio.

  3. However, you do hear them every day on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…….They sing the lead song to that- and Higglytown heros…..and they also have a children's album….so more main stream than you think

  4. margotinto says:

    I have an entire album stuck in my head – The Killers' Day and Age. I was blasting it as I drove Taj's car to and from Waterloo the last couple of days. It's bizarre, having so many different songs bouncing around in my head at the same time….

  5. I heard they did two albums of children's music, but I had no idea they were so disney-fied.

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