We just returned from our first viewing of Star Trek and all in all, we were both pretty pleased. They did a very good job with the story and with the acting. Still, while we both enjoyed it, we each found our own little peeves about the production.

Junkii's Peeve: Shakey-cam is cheating
Action sequences – and fight scenes especially – can be truly exhilarating, or they can be a muddled mess. Nowhere was this more true than in Michael Bay's Transformers crapstravaganza. But Star Trek borrows from that school of directing for its fight and action sequences, and it suffers for it. Lesson for directors: if you're going to direct an action movie, do it with steady-cams so that we can appreciate the work of the stunt actors and martial arts choreographers.

Rockr's Peeve: Too much lens flare! I honestly don't think there's a 5-second segment of this film that doesn't include lens flare. And once you start to notice it, it becomes truly distracting. What's the point? It's fine to use lens flare when there's purpose – like when a sun comes into view – but just throwing it in willy-nilly makes it look like your principal photographer hasn't got a clue how to shoot film. Clearly the lens flare was added for effect. Unfortunately the effect is just distracting.

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