Junkii says I'm a cow when it comes to how I wear out my clothes. I'm beginning to think he's right. I tend to get holes in my socks faster than he does, and my clothes generally just don't last as long. So it should have come as no surprise when I got to work with a soaking wet sock this morning. That's right, my walking-to-work shoes seem to have developed a slow leak, and wicked up all the water from Ottawa's sidewalks during my short commute. How frustrating.

And it's not like they're cheap shoes, either. They're Clarks! And yet, here I am, after less than a year of daily wear (I didn't wear them in winter at all!) and there's a crack the size of the grand canyon running across the sole. Bollocks, I say. There's no pride in how things are manufactured. Things are clearly made to fail.

What's worse is that I had a hard time finding decent shoes to begin with; ones that were both stylish and comfortable. And now I've got to go out and do it all over again – drop another C-note for yet another pair of shoes to wear with office casual.

I guess it's true. I can't have nice things.

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  1. It must be something about us- or our bone structure….because I dont own a paid of sock right now that doesnt have a hole in the ball of the foot and I also wear out my shoes in the same place. It sucks…..but I buy cheap!

  2. I wear out socks on the balls of my feet too, and at the ends of my toes. I swear, my toenails are like Wolverine's claws!

  3. margotinto says:

    You can have nice things, you just need multiples of them.
    Getalife can be like this as well. We've gone through 2 sets of sheets with a ridiculously high thread count because he somehow wears a hole in them right where his upper back lies. I've never seen anyone wear holes in sheets. And of course they have to be the expensive ones. If I put on the IKEA sheets, he says they're scratchy. I ask him, what does he think the sheets say about him?! He also wears t-shirts until they are literally fraying off him. I don't get it.

  4. That's okay with sheets, but shoes go out of fashion, so I would be hesitant to buy multiples. And no, I've never seen anyone wear holes in sheets either.

  5. Meei says:

    Sorry to sound like a geek here. Yes bone structure and weight contributes. Notice how the heavier people tend need pedicures more often? But also check where your Clarks are made. The ones made in China are "normal" quality. The ones from Brazil are much nicer (and pricier normally). The info is from a former Clarks shoe fitter, just so you know where my info is coming from.

  6. Hmmm – I'll have to take a look at the "made in" tag. Oh wait – I'm wearing them now! Yup – made in China. Doesn't surprise me, given I bought them at DSW (Discount Shoe World). I'll have to be more careful next time.

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