Junkii and I are huge fans of step aerobics – we have loads of friends at the gym through step, and classes tend to be both a good workout and a social occasion. As with any social occasion, the "more the merrier" rule applies. So it was with great joy that we introduced Mom to step last night.

We were both totally impressed with how well she picked it up too. It's not easy to just pop into a step class and pick up the choreography. And, sure, she wasn't flawless – nobody is on their first attempt – but she did a fantastic job. She never gave up, and she never looked totally lost. In fact, several of our classmates came up afterward and when we told them it was her first time, they were shocked.

Over the years, we've dragged quite a few friends and co-workers to step class and, pretty much without fail the newbie has to stop and look confused. Mom never stopped once. Way to go, Mom!

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  1. margotinto says:

    Good for your mom! Indeed, walking into a step class can be intimidating, and there have been many a time I've been 2 counts behind, and want to crawl under my step and die. Sounds like she did great!

  2. My Mom Rocks! Plus, she's been doing both BodyPump and BodyFlow. She's gonna live to be 120!

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