Tonight being the first nice summer day in Ottawa, we decided to finally inflate our bicycle tires and head out for a little trek before dinner. Of course, nothing we plan ever goes off without a hitch and, after I inflated my front tire, I could hear a leak coming from where the valve meets the inner tube. It wasn't long before the hiss became a gush of air and my tire deflated, along with my spirits.

Fine! No bike ride for me.

So we set about filling Junkii's tires and, just as we pulled the pump off the back tire, the valve needle shot out and his tire went flat. AAARRRGH! What are the odds?!

Oh well, at least we could get them both fixed at the same time. The way our luck works, it would be more likely that mine would go flat, I'd get it fixed, and then his would go flat later in the week.

For me, the only problem was that Junkii's flat was the back tire and, while it was quick-release, I'd never removed a back tire before. It was messy work with the chain and derailleurs, but once I got started it was pretty straightforward. We threw it in the car and headed off to the nearest bike store (thankfully there are two within about a 10 minute walk). $20 later and we were headed home to reassemble our bikes.

By the time we got things back together, it was too late for a leisure ride, but we still went out anyway. We trekked over to Chinatown and grabbed some food, and were able to eat and make it home before it got dark.

Yay. First ride of the season!.

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