Saturday afternoon was beautiful in Ottawa and, after a morning spent looking at the work of local artists in the Glebe at Art in the Park, Junkii and I got it in our heads that patio season was upon us. We wanted to relax on the deck with our books and some beer.

With a few drinks in the fridge, we decided to put out an open call to anyone who wanted to join us for a little social time on the lanai.

We cast our net through Facebook and Email and, not counting the people who wanted to come but were not in town, we snagged 4 people. Not a bad catch for an impromptu event.

We shared some cheese and crackers, some beers, and some conversation and, once our numbers dwindled, the remaining guests all chipped in for a round of Indian food. A perfect cap to the afternoon.

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  1. I like crackers and cheese and beer…..dang it!

  2. We'll have more crackers and cheese when you visit. Promise. And beer will always have a place in our home.

  3. margotinto says:

    This is the only good reason I can think of for Twitter – spontaneous get togethers. Sounds great!
    My mom calls her outdoor space a 'lanai' as well. I think the only real difference from a patio is one has tikis, and one has lanterns.

  4. I tried looking up lanai, but wikipedia had little info. I just like the obvious Golden Girls reference.

  5. margotinto says:

    A-HA! The GG's totally explains my mom's use of the word.

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