OMG, it's almost midnight and I forgot it was Wednesday. That's how fricken' busy I am at work. No time for play.

I blame this week's earworm on another blogger that I occasionally read. He posted a video for this song and said "sounds like a summer dance hit." So of course I had to listen. And it's nothing special, but it has infected my brain. So I can see his point.

Only thing is, the group's name is Booty Luv. How do they ever expect to make it big with a name like Booty Luv?!


Some Kinda Rush

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  1. Not digging it…..check out my earworm

  2. No, I wasn't expecting a popular response to this track. It's not for everyone.As for yours, I saw that last week. This show looks quite interesting. I assume it's a reality show? They do a really nice job of this song (although the lead singers are a bit too 'broadway' whereas Steve Perry is gritty and gruff). I like it.

  3. Its not a reality show at all actually. Its a 1 hour comedy with real actors. I think it will be interesting….Its still my ear worm btw.

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