I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I don't like suits. Never have. I find dress clothes can make a man look sharp, but a full-on suit is just not an attractive look to me. So I don't own one. It's never been a problem before. I work for a charity and most people in the non-profit sector don't dress up too much. You might get a shirt and tie on occasion, but mostly it's pretty casual around the office. And I have never been invited to a lot of formal events or had to attend many funerals (knock wood)

Well, now I've reached a point in my life where I'm starting to need one. Junkii and I are invited to take part in two weddings this fall – one in August as groomsmen and one in December for Junkii's sister – and we need formal attire for both. Since he doesn't own a suit either, we were in a bit of a bind. We considered renting suits for the first wedding, but when we found out we needed formal wear for the second as well and it just seemed more logical to buy a basic black suit.

Turns out our timing was pretty good. Moore's – the basic suit store in Canada – launched a buy one get one free deal just as we decided to purchase. So off we trotted to Moore's to see about taking advantage of this offer. Neither of us was terribly impressed with our shopping experience:

  • The Salesperson we had helping us was pretty disinterested in showing us more than one or two jackets. (Junkii will tell you it probably didn't help that – because I don't like suits – I just wanted to get the purchase over with.)
  • The salesperson was very distracted as he was preparing the instructions for the tailor and we frequently needed to correct his work.
  • We were supposed to have the same suit, but mine turned out to be $100 more expensive than his – so the overall cost was about $100 more than it needed to be (again, my fault – I'm not very confrontational and I'm more likely to simply pay the extra than bother looking for another suit or challeging the price).

Okay, so in writing this, I realize that maybe Moore's wasn't as much to blame for our bad experience as I was. Oh well, too late to do anything now.The suits have been tailored and they should be ready for pickup this week.

Bring on the fancy dress parties!

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  1. margotinto says:

    Ooooo, I love a man in a well-tailored suit. Probably cuz the well-made ones are designed to make the wearer look like they are all muscle and steel underneath. But a non-tailored suit often looks terrible, and the wearer just looks uncomfortable. It's a big investment to make if you aren't going to wear it very often, so I hope you guys find another opportunity to wear them. Once I'm out of mat clothes I'll come up to Ottawa and bring something nice and make you take me out somewhere posh.

  2. Well, at Moore's you're pretty much buying off the rack and having pants hemmed – so we're probably closer to the "uncomfortable" look. You might reconsider wanting to hang out with us in a posh eatery once you see how we look.

  3. You can wear this to Nana's 90th shin dig….Ill be wearing shorts- but you can look nice!

  4. margotinto says:

    Oh, in that case, you might just look like my security detail.

  5. Well, I'm actually thinking of skipping Nana's thing altogether and heading on a road trip. Why not, eh?

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