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Okay, it's been a week – time to blog Canada Day.

As usual, we had a full day planned. But rather than head down to Parliament Hill to watch the throngs of shirtless guys and eat junk food from chip wagons (we got there eventually, but not 'til the evening) we headed off to Lafleche Adventure park again for our annual summer trek through the trees.

This was a different course than we'd done in previous years . It promised to be more difficult and higher up – but really, it wasn't much different from our earlier visits. Still, it was fun and we did have a heart-pounding moment – or at least Junkii did.

In doing these adventures, you get a harness with three lanyards to keep you attached at all times and prevent the risk of falling. One lanyard ends in a pulley – used on the zip lines – and the other two lanyards end in safety clips. You're instructed to keep at least one safety clip secured at all times. And they watch to make sure you follow the rules.

Well, evidently they weren't watching closely enough. Partway through the course we reached their longest, fastest zipline and Junkii hooked up his pulley and took – without his safety lines attached! Now, in fairness, the pulley is pretty safe in itself, but when he realized, partway across the chasm, that he'd omitted his safety lines, he stopped enjoying the view pretty quickly.

Thankfully he didn't get kicked off the course and we were able to finish, but he was pretty vigilant about keeping his safeties attached from that point forward.

The adventure took up the rest of the morning and, after a little afternoon nap, we headed back out in the evening to watch the fireworks. They were great this year – and much louder than in previous years. And our gang wended our way through the busy streets to find a pub so we could cap the evening with a pint. Canada Day was on Wednesday this year – a school night – so we couldn't get sauced, but we had fun all the same.

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  1. THIS looks like fun! I'd love to go……I wonder if Johnny would want to do this for our date day instead of nordique spa…..although Nordique spa is soooooo great too…….damn- thats a hard decision.

  2. No reason you can't do both. Lafleche opens at 8:30am – and it takes 2-3 hours to do a course. You could do the trees in the morning, grab some lunch somewhere, then head to the spa to relax all afternoon. They're both on the Quebec side – and I'm sure there's no more than a 20 minute drive between them. All you'd need is a GPS.

  3. Im going to show Johnny these photos tonight when he gets home….THANKS!

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